Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Play a pet friendly and safe Holi🤗

As being pet parents and pet lovers it's our responsibility to help our furry kids and furry friends to remain safe. Holi is a festival for human beings not for the pets and other animals on the street.
Every year during holi occasion many people involve their beloved pets or Street animals in this colour play for fun and photography purpose.
The colours are not at all safe and it has greater negative impact on Dogs & other animals. Holi colours are full of chemicals like lead oxide, Mercury Sulphate and much more which has a deadliest impact on animals as well as on humans. Animals and small kids are very much susceptible to holi colours. Due to the presence of harmful chemicals in Holi colours which causes a lot of problem and discomfort to our pets.

Some noticeable impacts are:
*Skin Irritation
*Water balloons causes eyes damage
*Respiratory troubles
*Colours if consumed acts as a slow poison
*Loose Motion
*Behavioural change like aggression, getting scared, panic attacks

Tips to follow and keep animals safe during holi:
●Induce vomiting if the animal has mistakenly ingests the colour.
●Wash the dog or victim animal's eyes with water if colour comes in contact.
●If the condition is severe, visit a vet.

What a small contribution we can do for a pet & human safe holi?
◆Educate the kids about the harmful effects of holi colours and how to play safe and pet friendly holi.
◆As this holi is not only a festival of colours but also of sweets, avoid feeding sweet dishes for the pets it can imbalance the glucose levels in their bodies and sweets are poisonous to animals.
◆Avoid taking pets out of home. Make sure your pet is safe at home not exposing to the harmful colours and noise.
◆If your pet or any other street animal is being victim to the colours then one has to handle the situation very carefully and never try to wash them using kerosine or other harmful oils. Because these harmful oils can penetrate the skin lining and worsen the skin health of the animal. Instead you can use coconut oil to remove the colours and then wash with shampoo and ample amount of water.
◆If you find any animal is being a victim for holi and suffering from any infection or problem then please inform local dog care NGOs so that they can rescue the animals.
Or as being a kind human being even you can also take it to the vet and help the needy animals.
◆Dont feed any alcoholic products to the animals.
◆Dont play with water balloons it is harmful for animals as well as small kids. And please don't forget that holi is for human beings not for other animals.
◆ Provide clean and sufficient water to the animals.
◆ Keep veterinary doctors contact numbers standby to help the needy animals.
And always remember what's good for you isn't good for furry friends.

(P.S: Don't colour animals on holi and do not try to use any type of colours on animals may it be yours or street's - Just so you'd know, painting, coloring or using chemicals on animals is seriously punishable under Section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.)
Lets be kind and celebrate a cruelty free, pet friendly and safe holi!
Have a pawsome Holi!!

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